Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Due to increased bookings for the holiday season, we are implementing a $20 Cancellation Fee and a $60 No Show Fee on all newly booked photoshoots. Your photoshoot planner will notify you during the booking process of the possibility of this fee.

At Life365 Portraits, we’re a family-run business! We know first-hand that life happens sometimes! We will be understanding of unforeseen circumstances that may cause you to miss or cancel a photoshoot. If that happens, we will consider refunding the fee on a case-by-case basis after evaluating the situation.

Cancellation Fee – This $20 fee will apply to any photoshoot cancelled within 3 days of your scheduled date. You are welcome to cancel or reschedule your photoshoot any time before 10 am three days prior to your photoshoot without incurring a charge. We cannot accept cancellations past 6 pm EST the night before your photoshoot as our photographers’ routes and schedules are already set for the next day. At that point, it will be considered a “No Show”.

No Show Fee – This $60 fee will apply to any missed photoshoots or photoshoots cancelled after 6 pm EST the night before your scheduled date. This higher fee is to cover your photographer’s time and their missed photoshoot opportunities.

Thank you for your understanding as we attempt to provide as many clients as possible with the opportunity to have a family photoshoot and enabling our photographers to earn a full wage for their time!

Questions? Please contact our Scheduling team at [email protected] or (877) 850-5437

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