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Beginning With the End in Mind

Welcome to the new Life365 Portraits blog, “Portrait of a Strong Family”.  Growing up, I recall the faces on my grandma’s wall looking down from a family portrait taken generations ago and realizing that these people are a part of me. Even though I never met most of them, I wondered about their lives, realizing their heritage is why I exist today.  This sense of continuity comforted me – the knowledge that I shared in our family legacy. 

Life365 Portraits is dedicated to taking some of the world’s best photographs of families, capturing special moments that would otherwise slip away forever, providing family portraits as a gift for generations to come.  However, our mission is more than just taking great pictures.  At the very heart of who we are, we are in the business of building strong families.  So, what’s the correlation between taking a family picture and helping build a strong family?  We’ll answer that in a moment. 

As a parent, you enjoy the special experiences of having a baby at home, getting to witness the miracle of new life at its very beginning.  You’ve got only 18 very short years to seriously invest into the person this child becomes.  You may have several kids, and you’re well under way building your family.  Maybe you’re a grandparent who’s been given the opportunity to invest time into raising your precious grandchildren. Or an aunt who dotes on her nieces and nephews and views time spent with them as a marvelous gift. Wherever we’re at in our journey in building a family, we possess a powerful innate desire to build a strong family.   

What does a “Strong Family” look like?  The answer may be different for each person, but it has a profound impact on how we choose to raise our kids.  To give them the freedom to be strong, healthy, independent influencers in our society, it’s crucial we start this journey of parenthood with the end in mind.   

What’s your end goal?  What’s the result you wish to achieve when you send your kids out into the real world as adults?  Take time out of your hectic life and give thoughtful consideration as to how you’d define a strong family, what you want your strong family to look like, or your ultimate parental goal for the precious lives entrusted to your care.  

Here’s some thoughts to ponder: 

  1. What’s your purpose as a “parent”?  Write it down – this is your mission.   
  2. What are the characteristics of a “Strong Family”?  Again, write them down.  Spending years raising kids can be pointless if you don’t know what you want to achieve. 
  3. Imagine you’re at your own funeral.  What do you want your kids to say about you when you’re gone?  This exercise is powerful, putting everything into perspective.  It will force you to build the priorities necessary to guide you in your life decisions. 
  4. Finally, be purposeful in your parental role, always coming back to your mission and priorities.  Strong families don’t “just happen”.  They are built!  It takes years to establish a foundation and it is hard work.  The foundation stones of a strong family are laid in the big moments, such as a family vacation, and in something as simple as a kiss on the forehead and whispering “I love you” as you tuck your child into bed.  But If your desired outcome is to build a strong family, you need to prioritize—intentional parenting, not accidental parenting.  

So why, if our company is about taking photos, did we dedicate this new blog to building a strong family?  Because we care about families.  We’re all part of families.  We know how difficult it can be to raise a strong family, especially when dealing with busy schedules and hectic lives.  Strong families are key to a child’s healthy development, influencing who they ultimately grow up to be.  We also realize the importance of family portraits as a tool to help build strong children and families. Imagine what our world would be like if there were no family portraits on the walls.  Family portraits are crucial to building a strong family, and we are thrilled to join you, as a parent or grandparent, in building yours. 

This blog is entitled, “The Portrait of a Strong Family”, contributing advice, counsel, suggestions, and ideas to help you build your strong family.  We’d be honored if you “Subscribe” to our blog and share with others who might also benefit.  We look forward to the great adventure ahead! 

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