Savanna R.

Professional Photographer in the Atlanta, GA area


Savanna's Reviews

Real Reviews by Real People

Get to know Savanna

1)     Where are you from? – “Atlanta, GA”

2)     What are your hobbies? – “Photography, acting and cosplay but you can usually find me eating strawberry ice cream after a long, hot day at work.”

3)     What is your favorite color? – “I love the ocean which explains my favorite colors are teal and peach.”

4)     What has inspired or influenced you as a photographer? – “My photography journey started with my senior pictures and my mother spent over $600. From then on, I promised myself to never spend that much on something I have the creative capability to do myself.”

5)  What was one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? – “When I started photography, I wasn’t too good at focusing on my subjects. A lot of my images came out blurry and it was the easiest fix. Little photography tip: In the beginning, take your time and auto-focus. Yes, you can miss those “special moments” but what’s worse; losing a special moment to a second take or losing a special moment to a blurry picture you can’t even post. This is something I wish I took the time to teach myself but I learned the way I did. It helped me develop a lesson for myself; make yourself known, in the best way you can.”

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