Emanuel Z.

Professional Photographer in the Fort Myers, FL area


Emanuel's Reviews

Real Reviews by Real People

Get to know Emanuel

1)     Where are you from? – “Daytona Beach, FL”

2)     What are your hobbies? – “Landscape and wildlife photography, painting, singing/recording”

3)     What has inspired or influenced you as a photographer? – “It’s always just been an absolute passion and dream of mine, since 5 years old. I went to photography class with my older sister and we used a black and white film camera and a dark room to develop our images. It’s just been rooted within my entire upbringing, so to call this my career is an absolute dream.”

4)     What is your favorite quote? – “Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.” – Unknown

5)  What is your favorite type of photography? – “I personally enjoy wildlife, nature and landscape photography. I love to immerse myself in an animals natural habitat. Here  in southwest Florida, we are overwhelmed with so many different species of animals that coexist in harmony, and it’s so amazing to get out right after sunrise and capture all of the migrant birds and reptiles!”


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