Elizabeth H.

Professional Photographer in the San Diego, CA area


Elizabeth's Reviews

Real Reviews by Real People

Get to know Elizabeth

1) Do you speak a second language? – “ASL (American Sign Language)”

2) Where are you from? – “Jacksonville Beach, FL”

3)     What has inspired or influenced you as a photographer? – “While I am artistically inspired by magazines and photographers/artists on social media, I believe the most inspiring and motivating people in my life in regards to photography are actually the very passionate people within this company. They go above and beyond with assisting each other’s progress and carry so much positivity that brightens my day, every day. “

4)     What is one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? – “I was only 3 years old when my mom gave me my first camera, so I would have told myself to avoid shooting “landscapes” from inside the car. I started professionally much later, of course and I would like to tell my then-self not to be so nervous.”

5)     Favorite type of photography? – “My favorite style of photography is actually portraiture but I particularly like fantasy/cosplay styles like you would see in Fae magazine or the like.”

6)  Who is your favorite musician? – “One? That is tough. Notable older music I like… Prince, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Portishead, Bjork, Mazzi Star, Massive Attack, TV on the Radio, MIA… notable semi-newer music I love: Sudan Archives, The Blaze, Beats Antique, Aurora, Wardruna, Rone, Dakha Brakha, Young Fathers… I could go on forever. I love music. Truly obsessed and grateful I can enjoy it.”

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