Elijah L.

Professional Photographer in the Daytona, FL area


Elijah's Reviews

Real Reviews by Real People

Get to know Elijah

1)     Where are you from? – “I was born in Norman, OK but I grew up most of my life in Deland, FL.”

2)     What has inspired or influenced you as a photographer? – “My professors in college who introduced me to new techniques and skills guided my love of photography to where it is now.”

3)     What is one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? – “How important it is to get lighting right”

4)     What are your hobbies? – “Photography is obviously my main hobby, but I also enjoy tabletop games and reading.”

5)  When you go one of your travels, what do you take with you? – “Aside from essentials, I’ll take a few books to read and as much photo equipment as I can fit in my camera bag.”

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