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The holiday season is quickly approaching and it is time to get your kids prepared for schedule changes, travel, family visits, and of course, fun! Here are a few tips on how you can best prepare your kids for the holidays. 

Prepare for Routine Changes

Kids are used to a normal routine and it can be hard to stick with that routine when you need to travel to visit family or need to prepare a meal. Start getting your kids used to these changes early, but also try to not deviate too much from what they are used to. Keep nap and sleep schedules consistent.

Explain the “Golden Rule”

Holidays are the perfect time to teach your kids how to be polite! You never know what your kids will do when meeting new family members or friends. They might be playing with cousins they haven’t seen in years! Talk with your kids before big events about how to treat others they way they would expect to be treated themselves. It’s also the perfect time to learn how to say please and thank you.

Take Your Holiday Photos In Your Own Home

It’s tough dragging the entire family to the mall or a photography studio on a busy schedule. That’s where Life365 Portraits comes in. Our photographers come directly to you and specialize in family portraits and the whole photo shoot will only take about an hour. Capture your favorite moments from the comfort of your own home and then work with our expert photo designers to create holiday cards, gifts, and more.


Don’t Spoil Them (Too Much)

It’s probably best not to buy everything your kids ask for. Remember that the holidays are not about gifts but being together with family and friends! You could also celebrate by giving to those less fortunate than yourselves. If you involve your children in these kinds of activities you can teach them about the importance of giving.

Don’t Stress!

Yes, there’s a lot on your mind… but when isn’t there! There might be times when you feel overwhelmed but don’t let it get to you, kids can pick up on these things. Concentrate on what you can reasonably accomplish, relax, and be happy!

Share a smile today!